History of Severance

Severance, KS
Severance, KS

Severance, KS

Founded in 1877, named for John Severance.


Once upon a time, this city had a railroad depot, three churches (Methodist, Christian, Catholic), a school, a hotel, and a VFW post (George Ebeling, post #3292).


Perhaps Severance's most famous native was Harry Chapman, who played baseball for the St. Louis Terriers in the mid 1910's.


An excerpt of Gray's Doniphan County history about the early history of Severance can be found here


An excerpt of Cutler's History of the State of Kansas, again about the early history of Severance, can be found here 

Year Population
1890 377
1900 424
1910 383
1920 350
1930 312
1940 266
1950 197
1960 146
1970 128
1980 134
1990 98
2000 108
2010 94


Doniphan County, Kansas 1882 Plat Book
Doniphan County, KS  1904 Plat Book

Truly Severance occupied a conspicuous place on the map. She continues to hold her own and, in our opinion, will never be induced to take a seat in the rear. -- P. L. Gray, 1905