City Government

Severance was incorporated as a third-class city in 1877.  Severance is served by a mayor-council government.


The mayor and all five council seats are up for election in April of odd-numbered years.


The City Council meets on the 3rd Monday of every month at the City Hall on Dryden

The Honorable Billy Lynn Frump was elected Mayor of Severance on April 2, 2013.  He takes office on April 15, taking over for Floyd Moppin.


The City Clerk of Severance is Marlene Mowry, who has served Severance in this capacity for many years.  She can be reached at 359-6604.


City Council

  • Lori Stewart, President of the Council
  • Gene Makeeff, Treasurer
  • Kenny Moppin
  • James Betts
  • Gene Moppin

Early Mayors of Severance.  (From the DP County Plat Book, 1882)

1877 WHH Curtis (First Mayor of Severance)

1878-9 JF Kirwin

1880 CE Miller

1881 JF Kirwin

1882 WHH Curtis

2007-2009 Todd Smith

2009-2010 Jerry Collins

2010-2010 Gene Moppin

2010-2010 Billy Stewart

2010-2011 Gene Moppin

2011-2011 Todd Smith

2011-2011 Billy Lynn Frump

2011-2013  Floyd Moppin

2013-curr Billy Lynn Frump