The Pratt plan is a modified "city commission" plan, customized to the needs of a very small town in the 21st century.  Each councilman will have a specific focus.  I hope to work with each councilman in their specific area to make the best decisions for this city.

Position Duties

The mayor shall have general supervision over the affairs of the city. (KSA 15-301*)
Manage cyber-presence, @severance_ks.
Organize city events, work days, picnics.
Shall serve as an city emergency contact.
With treasurer, shall make decisions on purchase of surplus property being auctioned (purplewave, etc.)
May call out the snowplow as needed.
The mayor shall recommend such measures as may tend to the improvement of the city. (KSA 15-305*)

Will continue to learn about city management, especially very small cities.

Will listen to council, members of the city.

Goal: Serve the needs of the city as best he can.

(Maintenance) & Maintenance Employee

Create list of all roads, where they need work
Create list of all city property that we mow
Create list of all equipment currently owned by CoS, and whether CDL is required.
Watch rain, list ditches requiring work
Take advice from experienced people about repairing roads.
Upkeep of Hallings Hall (painting, housekeeping, door, sign)
Upkeep of Chapman Park (maintenance / recommendation on acquisition)
Order new keys/locks for everything for mayor, council, spares for employees.
Reasonable decisions on vacating alleys and dead roads.
Reasonable decision on hiring for maintenance.

May call out the snowplow
Goal: Reasonable, intelligent, and efficient road & ditch repair regimen


Create relationships with County Commission, Sheriff, major community figures, county manager of emergency management

Create relationships with fellow DP small town mayors, Wolf River Township Board
Create relationships with former Severance mayors
Goal: Maximize opportunities to benefit from ideas, experience, programs.

(Insurance/Legal) and City Clerk
Determine best representation for city.
Get answers for certain legal questions about city government.
Determine extent of coverage for city.
Check current ordinances for outdated laws.
Check current ordinances for whether certain customs are 'in the book'
Goal: Suitable coverage and representation for city, officials, and employees.
(Grants & Acquisition)
and Treasurer
Find sources of funding for
  • Tornado Siren
  • Community Building
  • Park Equipment
  • Emergency Preparedness

Advise mayor on purchases of surplus property.

Goal: Best attempts to acquire grant funding for city needs.
(Police Questions)

Create relationship with DP County Sheriff.

Determine legality of certain actions.

Determine best plans for nuisance abatement, if necessary.

Determine best plans for law enforcement (sheriff / multi-city police, etc.)
Determine whether a 12-2909 (contract w/sheriff) is in best interests of town.

Determine best plans for speed law enforcement (change speed limits, speed bumps, etc.)
Goal: Assist in well-weighed decision of law enforcement in Severance