Steven Wm. Pratt
32 years old as of April 2013

2 years city council
Married to Ivy, four children (Molly, Noah, Olivia, Zack)
Unemployed (formerly computer programmer)


In the last five years - including my two years on the council - I've learned a lot.  I've learned about being responsible with my own piece of the city, I've learned about the good people of this city, and I've spent time realizing how the government of the city can be a benefit to the city


Any governing body needs a variety of perspectives to avoid blind spots and best manage the business of government.  I bring my own perspective, balancing the large town experience I grew up in with the understanding of the small town that I call home; drawing ideas from both my college education and the practical knowledge of my neighbors.

I consider myself well-informed – a benefit of my lifelong interest in politics and government - keeping on top of issues that affect this city and Doniphan County – from revitalization opportunities to census counts.

I would appreciate your vote on April 2.

I will recommend to the city council that:

  • the CC have the Severance City Council Meeting minutes published in the Kansas Chief.
  • the City Clerk do what is needed to have a book of Severance city ordinances published.
  • the CC choose a member to be our city maintenance person
    the CC choose a member to be our county officials person
    the CC choose a member to be our insurance & legal person
    the CC choose a member to be our grants & acquisition person
    the CC choose a member to be our law enforcement answer person

My main goal as mayor is to make sure that the roads and city property are properly maintained. 

  • That the city create and follow a reasonable plan for fixing roads. 
  • That the city performs road repair effectively and fairly. 
  • That the city plows all commonly used city roads during any snowstorm where snow can cause difficulty traveling the city roads.

Other things that I would like to have addressed on my first meeting as mayor:

  • Have CC choose a President (although I will recommend highest vote getter, the decision does go to the CC)
  • Have names recommended Treasurer (I expect to recommend that Miss Mowry stay on as City Clerk)
  • Discuss an official policy for
    • Usage of city equipment, property (inc. City Hall)
    • Charging to the city's account at local businesses
  • Order no-smoking signs to put Hallings Hall in compliance with KSA 21-4011


And I think it would be nice to have a city map on the large table in Hallings Hall.

My name is Steven Wm. Pratt, and I approve this message.